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It is important to hear about other peoples’ experiences and results before choosing a general or cosmetic dentist.  Please read below about the experiences that other guests have had with The Smile Enhancement Studio in Penticton.

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What our patients are saying

"Thank you for a job well done"

Thank you for a job well done and being so thorough. Also, thank you to your friendly staff for their dedication and good care.

"Youthful appearance"

I love my youthful appearance.

"I wish I had this treatment years ago"

Thank you Dr. Burghardt! I used to wear an appliance (partial denture) and was so self conscious, especially when eating in public. Since coming to you, I am completely confident. I wish I had this treatment (implant surgery and implant supported bridgework) years ago. It is so nice to go to bed with my own teeth instead of Efferdent. Thanks again.

"You did a very nice job"

Dear Mr. Burghardt,
I’d like to thank you for the professional dental work you did. My front teeth were not very nice for quite some time, it seemed nobody could do anything about the problem until I met you.
You did a very nice job. I am very happy I took your advice and had all my teeth capped. Thank you Jose’

"Far exceeded my expectations"

When I made an appointment for a consult I was hopeful for an improved appearance of my smile. What I received was a beautiful smile which far exceeded my expectations. I recommend Dr. Burghardt and his staff to all my friends and family.

"Even strangers had good things to say"

I lived with chipped teeth and big spaces for forty years. After the dental work, I have a greater sense of confidence. I started looking after my oral health and well being. I enjoy all the compliments from friends, family and co-workers.

P.S. – Even strangers had good things to say.

"Very pleased with the results"

I have suffered from jaw and neck pain for years. Upon hearing of Dr. Burghardt’s specialized training and his success in alleviating the problems which result in this pain, I promptly “signed up” and have been very pleased with the results. Dr. Burghardt and his staff are both friendly and professional, and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

"The smile of my dreams"

I remember one night dreaming that my teeth miraculously straightened while I slept. My dream was so real that when I awoke, I immediately touched my fingers to my mouth, only to be disappointed. It was only a dream. For me it would stay a dream for many years. I was always aware of my smile and would quickly cover it up upon meeting new people. Then I met Dr. Burghardt. He is highly skilled and enthusiastic. I trusted him and now have the smile of my dreams to show for it.

"The staff has been wonderful to me"

I couldn’t be happier with the way I’ve been treated at Dr. Burghardt’s office, or my teeth. The staff has been wonderful to me.

"The results are remarkable"

This process (attaining a neuromuscular bite) was absolutely painless and the results are remarkable. For all of my adult life I’ve suffered from chronic neck and shoulder tension which caused headaches and migraines. Since beginning the treatment, my headaches have stopped and the tension I was experiencing has drastically subsided.

"I am very pleased with my implants"

I am very pleased with my implants and would highly recommend Dr. Burghardt to anyone considering implants.

"Fast, easy and convenient"

Now I’m not afraid to smile in pictures. I was surprised what a difference a minimal procedure could make (laser gum contouring, tooth reshaping and Zoom whitening). Zoom whitening was so fast, easy and convenient with a result that was truly what they said it would be.

"A fine job, well done"

Dr. Burghardt and his staff gave me excellent care when I needed my teeth capped. My jaw was receding as my bottom teeth became worn down. Most nights I woke up in the middle of the night with a headache. My Shoulders and neck were stiff and sore. Dr. Burghardt adjusted my bite and brought it forward. I only have headaches occasionally now and my shoulder and neck pain have almost disappeared. I also have a great smile. Thank you for a fine job, well done.

"Helpful Staff"

I found the staff very helpful, friendly and willing to help at anytime and in any way they can. Dr. Burghardt is fantastic – very kind, very gentle and explains everything, making you feel at ease and comfortable.

"Minimal Discomfort"

I wish to express my appreciation to Dr. Burghardt and his staff for the dental services you have provided my wife and I with over the years. I was very impressed with the root canal and crowning you performed on me which required only one visit (CEREC 3D). You, together with your highly skilled staff performed the services with minimum discomfort. Thank you again for your kind services.

"I’m pleased with my teeth now"

I’m pleased with my teeth now as they don’t come out. They feel like natural teeth and no gagging. (CASE INVOLVED 6 IMPLANTS AND FIXED BRIDGE TO REPLACE A COMPLETE UPPER DENTURE)

"A Solid Investment"

With my implants, I can now eat anything I want, it was the best investment I ever made in myself!

"I find them very comfortable"

I would like to thank Dr. Burghardt and his staff for the excellent service they gave me when I had my implants. I find them very comfortable. I would highly recommend the procedure for anyone that has problems with their lower denture!

"I really appreciate your work"

Thank you for taking away my headaches!! Thank you for the natural, wonderful smile you have given me. I really appreciate your work. (The gentle needles!). Dr. Burghardt you’re my hero. Thanks

"I am more than pleased at the outcome"

Being a senior, I did have my doubts in the beginning. Now that my treatment is complete, I am more than pleased at the outcome. I have a beautiful smile with the confidence to go with it. I wish to say a big thank you to Dr. Burghardt and his caring staff for the care throughout my treatment. The end result is more than I could have hoped for.

"My smile has improved"

I am pleased with the results and my smile has improved.

"You have made a difference!"

Few things in life make a major difference to our lifestyle. To me my new “Implant Supported Denture” is one of those life changing benefits that made an enormous difference in the seventy-ninth year of my life. They are not only very comfortable but they have given me a renewed confidence that I once enjoyed with my original teeth. My facial expression has been changed from a gloomy mood to a pleasant appearance. My friends remark that I look ten to fifteen years younger. I am now not afraid to smile. “Yes, what a difference!”
I would like to thank and acknowledge the skill of the makers of my “Implant Supported Denture” and the skill and care of my dentist in the fitting of my dentures.
I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Michael Burghardt and his staff, “You have made a difference!”

"Excellent treatment"

The care and excellent treatment given to me at all times could not have been any better!

"My smile is great"

Great job! Explained all the procedures all the way through, my bite has improved and my smile is great giving me more confidence!

"Dental Implants were truly the answer for me"

I could never get used to my partial bottom denture and was afraid a full denture wouldn’t stay in place. So I decided on a full bottom with two dental implants which keep dentures firmly in place – so no worry about them falling out. Dental Implants were truly the answer for me.
The procedure for having the implants was painless. I had it done in the dentist’s chair with a light sedative. I would recommend this to anyone who has denture problems. I have heard nothing negative about this procedure – only good things.

"It has made a world of difference for me"

My initial intent in pursuing a full mouth dental reconstruction was for relief of migrane headaches experienced for over fifty years. The whole procedure was virtually painless, with a minimum level of adjustment due to a new bite, thanks to Dr. Burghardt and the dental team of the Smile Enhancement Studio. I had no discomfort through each phase of the reconstruction. I am also elated with the fact that I have not had a migrane headache since following through with my restoration. A bonus to this has been the positive comments directed to me regarding my, “new smile and great looking teeth.” It has made a world of difference for me health-wise and in dental appearance thanks to Dr. Burghardt. A procedure I am glad I had done!

"Headache free and loving it!"

When I started this process I experienced headaches at some degree weekly with a serious migraine type headache 1-2 times per month. Now I am close to headache free and loving it! And I got straighter teeth and a nicer smile to boot!

"I have achieved a smile that was worth waiting for"

A smile is so significant, gives you confidence and composure. I was not happy with my smile and teeth. Being one who is careful about appearance, I was looking for answers. Dr. Burghardt and his amazing staff gave me the response I was searching for. I began a long but rewarding journey to the smile that I have today, through surgical procedures, implants, TENS treatment, all done under constant supervision, and the finest of care. I have achieved a smile that was worth waiting for. I highly recommend the services of Dr. Burghardt.

"They all said NO."

I always thought in order to get a beautiful smile like this I would have to have all my teeth removed and have dentures. I even went so far as asking different dentists if they would pull my teeth out. They all said NO.

So with great disappointment I carried on with getting crowns and fillings… Then the contest… My husband encouraged me to enter. I did and to my greatest surprise, I won!

When Alan G. from the radio station called me I may not have sounded surprised but he didn’t see me jumping out of the office chair strangling myself with the telephone cord and jumping up and down. Because everyone at work knew I had entered the contest they were not surprised at what the call was all about. I called family and fiends and they were excited at the prospect of a new smile for me. Now I was scared!! What was I going to look like? A week after preparing my teeth, doing laser gum work and a root canal (which did not hurt or get infected), Dr. Burghardt put me in temps. I was crying inside still being brave on the outside. A week later came the real deal.

My teeth are beautiful and so is my smile. As a child I used to sing this Christmas song a lot, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.” Since I have my new smile I don’t want to sing it anymore. I just want everyone to see my smile and I want them to see my lips as well. I always take care to bring attention to my eyes and wear neutral or no lipstick so as not to bring attention to my teeth. Now look out, I’m wearing bright lipstick, standing taller and I don’t stop smiling.

"Professional, courteous, friendly and attentive"

Thank you to all! I can’t say I look forward to dentist visits but I no longer dread them. I was very well cared for and attended to with minimal discomfort. Dr. Burghardt and staff were all professional, courteous, friendly and attentive to my comfort level. Overall, I found that the extensive dental work I needed was far less onerous than I had envisioned it to be.

"Do not want to give it up"

I had severe burning from the back of my neck going up into my head, sometimes tingling across my chest and down my left arm. I have found that since that since wearing the appliance on my lower teeth I have not had anymore of these symptoms. The TENS also seemed to relax my neck and shoulder muscles. I wear this appliance 24 hours/day and do not want to give it up for fear the pain and burning will return.

"I’m really happy with the results!"

I feel that this was the best investment I ever made. I should have done it years earlier. (Implants to retain my upper and lower complete dentures)

"Now I love to smile all the time"

Dr. Burghardt and his staff have been absolutely wonderful. Unlike other practices, when I came with my problem, I wasn’t turned away. Before I had a hard time smiling openly. Now I love to smile all the time. Thank you everyone!

"Extremely Happy! My Overall Health Has Improved!"

As an aging “Baby Boomer” I was looking for positive changes that would contribute to a healthier image. Thanks to Dr. Burghardt & the staff at The Smile Enhancement Studio I now have my ‘Dream Smile’!

"Amazing job"

Dr. Burghardt did an amazing job giving me dental implants. I am most pleased with him as he is knowledgeable and courteous.

"What a total change"

Thank you so much for giving me my new smile! What a total change. Stress over the past years was causing me to grind and clench my teeth. There wasn’t much of a smile left. Correcting my bite was a fun experience as well. What a great job by the staff and lab. Thanks Dr. Mike!

"I now have the ‘Dream Smile’"

Dr. Burghardt has acted professionally with skill and dedication. The veneers look perfect and natural and I now have the “Dream Smile”

"The smile I wanted"

I had some spacing issues with my teeth that I wanted to fix. After talking to the staff about what could be done they were able to give me exactly the smile I wanted.

"I want to smile all the time!"

My experience at The Smile Enhancement Studio was incredible. The staff always made me feel comfortable, important and informed. Before my smile was re-done, it had been 17 years that I wasn’t secure with my teeth. I tried to never let my teeth keep me from smiling before but now they are beautiful, I want to smile all the time!
My new smile has increased my confidence in my appearance and given me a freedom from worrying about my fake teeth breaking or falling out. I find myself taking a second glance when I catch a reflection of my smile in a mirror. Thank you to everyone at The Smile Enhancement Studio for giving me a smile that visually expresses the joy in my heart!

"My smile is a lot bigger now"

I was very pleased with the outcome of my two dental implants. They were perfect on the first try and the color was just right. My smile is a lot bigger now – I don’t have to hide the gap any more. Thanks so much for the job well done.

"Well qualified"

I feel that Dr. Burghardt is well qualified to do this work and therefore I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

"Great Work!"

Great work by a great team. I couldn’t be happier.

"A beautiful made – for – tv smile!"

What a difference 18 short months makes! In only a year and a half, Dr. Michael Burghardt and staff transformed my crooked yellow set of teeth into a beautiful made – for – tv smile!

"People have noticed"

I am very happy with my result from The Smile Enhancement Studio. People have noticed and commented on how great my teeth look. I like how professional and happy everyone seems, how friendly everyone is at The Smile Enhancement Studio. Great Attiitudes!

"How nice they look now"

I didn’t realize that people knew I never had teeth until they said how nice they look now.

"It’s been wonderful"

Since having my implants, I have at last been able to eat, laugh and smile with the confidence that my teeth do not slip out or are loose. It’s been wonderful, my only mistake was not having it done years ago.

"No more breakages!"

I had a continued problem with my bridge breaking (left side, lower jaw)! It reached the point that I couldn’t chew a banana without fear of breaking it! Dr. Burghardt recommended to me and his answer was a orthosis you wear 22 hours a day (I did for almost a year) and now wear just at night. This realigned my bite and jaw joint, helped eliminate jaw joint noise, clicking, cracking and no more breakages! Thank you Dr. Burghardt.

"Smile a lot more now"

I smile a lot more now.  My friends always say I smile too much!  I love the results!  Thanks guys!

"I am deeply greatful"

After many years of denture wear, I was left with serious bone loss, a bite totally out of alignment and migraine producing muscle tension in my jaw and neck. Dr. Burghardt developed a procedure to deal with my unique situation. Now with restored teeth (implant supported full mouth reconstruction to a neuromuscular bite) and a corrected bite – I no longer have migraines. As for my smile – for the first time in years, I no longer feel self conscious about my appearance. I am deeply greatful.

"The adjustments have made a real difference"

Before I had my jaw adjusted, I was waking up almost every night with a very bad headache. My jaws were sore and my hearing was getting bad. My shoulders and neck were painful most of the time. The adjustments have made a real difference in my health and well-being. I no longer have neck and shoulder pain, my headaches are almost gone, and my jaw pain and hearing have improved.

"I am extremely happy with the results"

Forty – five years ago I was sent to a specialist by my dentist to examine my clicking jaw. The specialist suggested surgery but because my jaw did not hurt I refused it. In the last couple of years my jaw hurt when it clicked. Dr. Burghardt performed neuromuscular dentistry treatment, two implants and full mouth reconstruction, I am very happy with the appearance of my mouth, my smile, the pain and clicking are gone. I am extremely happy with the results. Thank you Dr. Burghardt.

"They sure are a nice set"

I was having a heart operation at St. Paul Hospital in Vancouver. Just as I was going under the anesthetic the nurse said, “I don’t know where he got these teeth but they sure are a nice set”.

"I get compliments all the time"

I love your dental office, it’s the best office I’ve ever been to. Your staff is very kind and friendly. I am very happy with the results of my 2 implants and I get compliments all the time from friends and family about how I look! If I’d known 6 years ago what I know now, I would have had it done then. I had no idea how wonderful it would be!

"Professional, friendly staff"

Professional, friendly staff make you feel like family. Would not hesitate to pass on referrals.

"They ‘treated me like a king’"

I suggest to people to come here. I am pleased with the results and the staff are very kind, they “treated me like a king”, I am very happy!

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