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We are all unique and beautiful in our own ways. The creation of a new smile requires an artistic touch to produce a predictable result that will compliment the beauty of the full face and body.

What does smile enhancement involve?

Smile design first involves record taking and the collection of dental moulds, digital pictures, x-rays, and a history.  With this information, a skilled master ceramicist creates a wax-up to illustrate how the smile may appear when created.  This wax-up acts as a blue print for creating the new smile.

The teeth are then prepared by Dr. Burghardt and his assistant.  An impression is taken of the prepared teeth so the master ceramicist can make the porcelain teeth to fit perfectly and to appear beautiful and natural.  The wax-up is used to create a highly esthetic temporary smile, which acts as a preview to the porcelain restorations. The new smile is evaluated in the mouth for any changes that are required to achieve an outstanding result.

About 3 weeks following the placement of the temporaries, the definitive restorations are bonded into place. To complete the reconstruction, the bite is checked and adjusted as necessary, and the teeth may be reshaped slightly if required.

Your new smile will increase your confidence and enhance your overall beauty.

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