Implant Solutions for Denture Wearers

Why Implants?

Are you tired of worrying that your dentures will come loose at the worst possible time, during a dinner party or business meeting? Your days of worrying are limited and with our easy procedure, you too can live life with the confidence that your teeth won’t come loose. Dr. Burghardt has perfected the technique at offering his clients without teeth a solution for their loose dentures. The procedure is simple, affordable, predictable, non invasive and takes less than an 2 hours. Best of all you get to leave our office with teeth that stay in your mouth that day! Many clients think that they don’t have the bone necessary to hold a dental implant. Their feeling could not be more incorrect. Dental implants require a very little amount of bone to achieve very predictable stability for the long term. Dental implants offer denture wearers a solution to their progressively worsening problem of loose teeth.

At The Smile Enhancement Studio you will first be offered a clinical and radiographic examination (3D cone beam evaluation) following which all of the options available will be presented to you. One of these options is a 2 implant surgical procedure with Locator Attachments to retain an existing or new denture. Other options may include a bar retained removable denture, implant supported fixed bridgework and implant retained titanium reinforced acrylic bridge (Teeth that don’t come out!).

Implants to Support Dentures: Are they right for you?

Dr. Burghardt’s clinical team has extensive training and experience in placing dental implants. Only the finest of dental implant products, materials and equipment are used at The Smile Enhancement Studio. No compromises are made to ensure such a predictable end result for all of our clients, including you, our next happy client.

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