Neuromuscular Performance Enhancing Mouthguard

Neuromuscular Performance Enhancing Mouth Guard

Performance Enhancing Mouth Guard

Discover Your Strength Within

Who would think a mouthguard could improve balance and strength?

  • Return your jaw to its ideal alignment
  • Release residual muscular tension
  • Access your ultimate physical potential

A NPEM will improve muscle recruitment & posture

Wearing your NPEM will not only give you an optimal bite, it will enable you to access your body’s physical potential.  When your jaw is in its physiological rest position, stored muscular tension will be released immediately, deeper muscle recruitment will be promoted (for explosive strength) and muscle alignment and balance will be improved (for better agility, balance and endurance).

To see if a NPEM can help you achieve your physical potential, contact The Smile Enhancement Studio.

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