Full Mouth Reconstruction

Some mouths may have many complex issues at work which can result in the teeth failing. The process of full mouth reconstruction is to remake the teeth and bite to offer a predictable result for optimal long term function and exceptional esthetics.  Full mouth reconstruction is not taught in dental schools.  Dr. Burghardt has graduated through the hands-on, patient treatment courses at the world’s premiere esthetic dental training institutes (LVI GLOBAL).  Dr. Burghardt has implemented his training into his practice daily.  He has been able to successfully restore many all porcelain full mouth cases including implant supported restorative cases offering these patients a comfortable bite position, comfortable teeth, and an exceptionally beautiful smile.  Many of these patients were also cured of years of head and neck pain including regular migraines, headaches, jaw pain, jaw noises and tooth pain (see testimonials).

What does full mouth reconstruction involve?

Initially, an accurate history and records (including digital x-rays, 3D Cone Beam Image, dental models and pictures) are collected. A bite position is obtained and stabilized following the principles of neuromuscular dentistry to ensure a predictable end result.

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